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Think Tuscan. That’s Toscolo, Neil & Maria Empson’s labor of love from a longtime passion for this extraordinary region. The name itself is a tribute to Tuscany: a Renaissance Italian word, it means “Tuscan boy”. The Empsons chose their friend and star oenologist Franco Bernabei to style the wines with Neil himself. Nothing was left to chance in order to make the Empsons’ proprietary brand their ideal Tuscan credentials. Maria Gemma Empson personally designed the ultraclassic packaging and the wines’ characteristic “ancient seal”, bearing the features of the eponymous “Tuscan boy”. Availing itself of state-of-the-art facilities and teamwork, production derives from some of the region’s major terroirs and finest vineyards. Terrain and microclimates are intriguingly diverse – from compact, very fine-textured limestone at approx. 1,310 to 1,480 feet (400-450 meters) above sea level, to rocky, clayey/calcareous areas at similar altitudes; to clayey/siliceous/calcareous soil at 820-984 feet (250-300 meters). Neil is thus able to “cherry-pick” the best selections according to harvest conditions in the individual wine zones, maintaining consistent quality with each vintage. Attentive vineyard management, high density of vines per acre and correspondingly low crop yields, traditional vinification with well integrated use of wood: the final result is a range combining fruit and finesse with that essential “bite” which makes these wines particularly food-friendly and versatile. In 2008, touches of gold joined the brand’s original Chianti palette: a Vernaccia di San Gimignano providing the Tuscan white per eccellenza, from one of Italy’s oldest white grapes (possibly going back to the third century B.C.); and “Dolce Toscolo”, a dessert wine (“dolce” is Italian for “sweet”) that distinguishes itself both geographically (the island of Pantelleria, western Sicily) and… graphically, for Maria has chosen to endow its label with a style of its own – a blaze of amber, apricot and caramel colors that capture the feelings and flavors of wine and terroir.

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Brunello Riserva

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Rosso di Montalcino

Winery Data

Owner: Neil & Maria Empson

Winemaker: Franco Bernabei

Established: 1988

Location: Santa Lucia

Province: Pisa